About Astronomy Friends
Astronomy Friends is a social networking site dedicated to Astronomers, Amateur Astronomers and those that would like to get into the wonderful world of star gazing!

What is Astronomy Friends… I am an amateur astronomer, have been for many years. Where I lived up north (I now live in Florida), I had many like-minded friends who either were amateur astronomers and others who simply loved coming over and spend several hours gazing through my telescope at the stars.

I got away from astronomy for several years and recently decided to get back into it. I purchased a very large telescope, many accessories including a specialized camera for Astro imaging. The new scope I purchased, I did not realize from the pics when I purchased it, that it was so big and heavy. When I began to set my new scope, I found that it was to heavy and awkward to setup by myself. Try lifting a 90-pound scope, holding it about 5 feet off the ground with only one handle trying to get it in the right spot to match up with the pin in the center of the tripod that itself was almost 5 feet I height; might sound easy, but it’s not. I had to call a handyman friend to come over to get the scope mounted to the tripod.

My first star gazing session, I found that I really did miss it. Star gazing by yourself can be gratifying but doing it with one or more people is more enjoyable. I started looking around for local astronomy clubs. I found a one or two, but their web sites were not up to date and no one responded to my inquiries as to if they were active and if so, could I join, as I said, I never heard back from anyone; hence, the birth of Astronomy Friends.

Hopefully once the word gets out about Astronomy Friends, we will have people from all over the US and the world join. Astronomy Friends is a social networking site where people can communicate, chat on-line, upload their images from their Astro imaging sessions, start forums and blogs for people to collaborate, sell their old equipment and more. I guess you can call it a one stop shop for people interested in astronomy.

I hope you all enjoy the site!